I Remember

Por Eiamkanchanalai ‘21


I remember holding a doll to preschool.

I remember giving out chocolate chip cookies during New Year’s. We put cashews in them; it’s a family special.

I remember praying to ancestors with my family.

I remember the smell of tum zaap, its lingering spicy, zesty smell is still on my mind.  

I remember the voices of my sisters, laughing at a joke.

I remember going to the beach. It was raining, but because the whole family was together, the day still seems bright.

I remember hugging my parents. Kissing them goodnight every day.

I remember my first time riding public transit alone and how I shift my eyes away from strangers, fixating my attention to my cell phone.

I remember buying a cake for my sister’s birthday. It was a surprise. She was really happy that day.

I remember my sister in tears, throwing dolls away after she broke up with her boyfriend. Something broke in her that day.

I remember constantly calling my sister, asking her if she wanted dinner. Hoping that the thought of having green curry with roti would cheer her up.

I remember leaving my family to come to college.

I remember the feeling of loneliness. The first time I felt so.

I remember the warmth that family gave me.

I remember the sadness accompanied when my grandma passed away. Nothing has felt the same since then. You never really appreciate someone until she’s gone.

I remember the day I got a bad tummy-ache and had to stay at the hospital.

I remember receiving children books as a reward for being a good girl.

I remember going to the theaters to watch a dog movie with granny.

I remember watching a live-action movie in my sister’s dark room.

I remember pretending to be asleep on the car only to find out that I would be carried up to my room.

I remember video calling my parents, telling them I have to go to sleep while they are wide awake.

I remember being called the baby of the family because who else would it be if not me.

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