Island of Taquile, Lake Titicaca, Perú

Alex Dzwierzynski 

I really have to shit. I really fucking have to shit. We left the house they gave us, and now here we stand asshole to groin, and would you kindly wait your turn in order to evacuate your bowels? Okay now fam here is the sitch, Margaret went first and had to shit5 and now doesn’t know how to flush it down. Gather around you white tourists6 and problem 1: no flusher there and problem 3.5: the locals fixed our shit filled toilet problems thrice before and problem 4: poop particles enter the nose at an alarming rate. There is a tub of water near the door and a BUCKET. Simple physics: pour water in toilet and watch gravity do its thing. Sixteen college students against one clogged toilet no flusher. What could go wrong? Result: shit water on the floor.

There is a hole ten yards away, it is where Taquileños go to shit, but we were told we couldn’t use that hole because their best toilet was saved especially for us7. Forgive me father I have sinned, means desperate times, means take your turn and hold your breath American, today’s our last day on the island anyway. Relief. We took the boat back north to shore, our pockets filled with coca, muña, and fried bread. We left them with a toilet full of shit.

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