Opa is Thuis

Anna Brujin ‘18

The Netherlands

you die

And we bury and cry and cover the hole with some mud and we set the wood on fire

And then we are left with the TV, the violin, the desk, the flowers, the bear, the container,

the shirts, the ties, the speakers, the pictures, the fire

And years go by.

And slowly the flowers are overgrown by weeds

And we give away the desk, because it doesn’t fit in the house anymore

And we throw away the shirts, because they are starting to smell,

and who would use them anyway

And the violin goes in storage, until the girl is old enough to play it

And the bear goes on the shelf, where the child looks at it every day

And the container is filled with cookies made by the children

The filling is always accompanied by the same story

The container was yours and the child used to stare at it

because they loved the liquorice inside

So it became theirs

And the children asked more questions

And the parents told more stories

Always the same.

You laughed, and you spilled, and you thought, and you sang

And then you died.

And we keep on using your TV, until the screen goes black

and we tick on it to get the colors back

And we use your speakers

But not just for classical music

And we put the pictures in a box

Until the child is old enough to look at them,


and memorize

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